Infinity Nokia Tool BB5 Best2 Nk2 Hmd Main Setup Free Download

Infinity Nokia BB5 Best Tool Nk2 Hmd Main Setup Free Download



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Nokia 5 Line :
D1E (TA-1024) WW
D1L (TA-1027) WW
D1L (TA-1044) WW
D1A (TA-1053) WW

Nokia 6 Line :
D1C (TA-1000) CN
D1C (TA-1003) CN
D1C (TA-1021) WW
D1C (TA-1025) WW
D1C (TA-1033) WW
D1C (TA-1039) WW

Supported features :

Main :
Identify ( Device Info / Version / Revision / SKU / Branding )
Format FS / Reset Settings
Reset FRP ( Google Reset Protection )

Repair :
Backup Device Security ( Include OTA details, Unique Device Details, QCN calibrations )
Restore Device Security
Repair Device Security
Repair Connectivity Items ( BT/WiFi )
Repair PSN
Repair Unknown BaseBand ( Security-Safe )

Firmware :
Write Firmware ( Infinity Format )
Read Firmware ( Infinity Format )
– Firmware, made by BEST NOT DAMAGE any device security!
– Firmware, made by BEST NOT DAMAGE any OTA compatibility!

Other :
Memory Tool ( Customization/Recovery/PartialFlashing )

Info #1 : That is FREE update for ALL BEST users
Info #2 : Use Nokia Care Emergency drivers ( same as for Lumia/NXP )
Info #3 : Use EDL cable to force Flash mode
Info #4 : Security Repair feature also allow repair IMEI. Device IMEI manipulation is STRICTLY PROHIBITED BY LAW!
Use IMEI REPAIR feature only, if you local laws allow do that and ONLY FOR ORIGINAL DEVICE IMEI REPAIR purposes!
By default REPAIR features DISABLED!


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